Replacement screws for tension blocks stool d1


Any ideas what the size of the locking screw is for the tension block on the D1? I’ve got one that’s looking a bit worn already.



Could you measure it with a ruler or micrometer?


Yes I have done that - diameter 3.9 x 7 mm. What I’m not sure about is the thread size - I guess the screw is
M4, but I can’t measure the pitch accurately. It should be 0.7mm, but I’d rather not ruin the block with the wrong screw.


Could you post a picture of it please?


Sorry for the late reply - am engineer friend of mine assured me that the screw was an M4, and it was then just a case getting the correct length - M4 x 8mm length.

All done and changed the lot!


Great! :smiley: