Questions from a D1 Pro newbie


I just received my xTool D1 Pro w/air assist and i have the following questions:

  1. Why aren’t there any answers to questions in the xTool forum at
  2. How do I get the D1 Pro and xTool Creative Space to do a home so the firmware knows where the laser is?
  3. In xTool Creative Space how do I create vertical text?
  4. In xTool Creative Space how do I engrave block characters instead of hollow characters. Filled characters look better when engraved in wood.
  5. How do I engrave on a very small piece of wood that is 2.5" Height x 1" Width x 0.113". If I turn on air assist it blows all over the place and even with air assist turned off it still moves around.


The community isn’t for questions, this website ( is.
Could you give a little more info please?


What kind of additional information would you like?


What is the ask the community section at if not to ask the community questions😁?


Sorry, I have to go now. I’ll talk to you tomorrow. @CommandeR @Crackel


The ask the community section is probably a generic title generated by makeblock’s website makers theme.
Perhaps you could try: