Quadruped Robot Parts List (Feedback Request)


I am planning to use Makeblock to make a next get version of a robot I have, and I was hoping for a little feedback on the parts list I came up with before I order!

The robot is a simple 2DOF quadruped - btw: don’t worry, I don’t need help programming anything :slight_smile:

####Parts List

  • 8 x Robot Servo Pack-Gold
  • 1 x Base Bracket B
  • 1x Bracket 3x6-Gold (4-Pack)
  • 1x Disc D72-Gold (Pair)
  • ?? Screws and Nuts?

####Project Description
Each leg is made of a servo pair(hip/knee), connected to each other directly. Looks like I just need about 4 screw/nuts per leg to mount them to each other. Each will connect to the body with the 3x6 Brackets. The robot’s body will be a made up of the discs sandwiched onto the brackets. The Base Bracket B will be bolted onto the top disc, and will house the electronics. I can comp up a diagram if that would be helpful.

• I am not quite sure how I will construct the feet of the robot - I am looking at smaller brackets and beams as a possibility (or I design and 3D Print some). I am open to suggestions on that.
• I am wondering how to choose the right screws and make sure I have enough - any suggestions would be appreciated - maybe a Hardware Pack?

After seeing Makeblock’s booth at Makerfaire in NY - I was hooked. I can’t wait to get started!

Many thanks in advance!