Production of a printed circuit boards, using diode laser installed on a 3D printer


Production of a printed circuit boards, using diode laser installed on a 3D printer.

We made a video how to make a printed circuit boards using diode laser installed on a 3D printer (or you can put on any CNC mill).

The idea is that you cover copper board with a vinyl film and then remove it with a diode laser.
The simply put into Ferrum chloride.
If anyone has an idea how to make edges more accurate, please let us know.


I was wondering about what exactly Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) are and how they are designed, production or manufactured, I was not alone. Many people help me to have a vague understanding of “Circuit Boards”.


Actually, three-dimensional Printer is basically used to produce any kind of three-dimensional objects. Sometimes the users get errors like Epson Printer Error code 0xe5 in their Printer that should be solved by them only.


For several purposes, epson printer error code 0xe5 may occur in your Epson printer. Virus or malware attack, printer driver software failure, incorrect printer installation, and hardware failure are the most common reasons. Often responsible for this error code to appear on your printer is paper jamming, fault on the encoder strip, etc. The computer begins running slowly as soon as this error code appears in your Epson printer, freezes too often, etc. Your Epson printer’s printing efficiency often drops, and the attached computer system also starts to crash.


Gathered lots of information here, do share more updates.
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güzel bir proje olabilir video ölü.

bende çok araştırdım fakat teknik olarak zorlandım.


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