Only old version of mblock ios app V0.6.0 can be downloaded?



When I download the latest version of the ios mblock app on appstore I only get version V0.6.0. And that version don’t have support for the my mbot Ranger. Appstore say 0.8.3 is the latest version but when I open the app and check the “Announcement” it say it’s version 0.6.0.

Please fix this!
(I use ios 11.1 and I’m located i Sweden if that helps)

Thank you
BR Michael


Hi again,

As I said before, when I open the newly installed mblock app, it’s the 0.6.0 version.

But I just discovered this: When I change the iphone / ipad language to English(UK) under Settings/General/Language in ios and then open the mblock app, it will open the 0.8.3 version (and everything works fine).

Can you please fix this so that I don’t need to change the ios language everytime I want to use the app?

Thanks again!
BR Michael


Hi enganbengan,

According to market demand, only Chinese, English and German mBlock APP support the Ranger function currently. The mBlock APP will auto transform its version according tot language on mobile devices.

Now, we have plan to develop mBlock APP base on scratch 3.0, it will support both mBot and Ranger in various languages when it is available. Please kindly wait.


Ok, then I understand. It would have been nice though if the app would auto transform to the latest English version if the language on the device wasn’t supported…

But no problem, I just change to English language on the iPad.

BR Michael