NS107S 2020 Pixel led chip


I think many people know APA102 2020 LED, the smallest and fastest addressable led before,the size just is 2.0x2.0x0.9mm, It’s widely used in indoor display,full color display, advertising light boxes, soft light bar and so on.
But the price is very expensive, always out of stock, It’s very headache, and the PWM is not very fast, only about 20Khz.
Recently I found a very interesting addressable leds, named NS107S, NS107S series is very rich, has RGB and white color, RGBW color will be coming soon, and 5050 3535 2020 size options. I head NS107S is the upgrade of APA107, I searched in google and see many people sell APA107, so APA107 should be a mature product, i think it is an economic type of APA102, as the PWM is only 9Khz…
But i like NS017S, the PWM can be 28Khz, 40M transfer speed, a really good product, let’s try NS017S 2020 and test it.
Bty, NS107S series LEDs is really cheaper than APA102 series.