No connetion - 2.4G Wireless Serial adapter


Hello there,
my 2.4G Wireless Serial receiver has suddenly started blinking (lost connection). This happened while I was reconnect the battery to my mBot. I already re flashed the firmware of the mBot, with no success.
Is there a way to pair the receiver again?


Try pulling the dongle out of the USB port and re-inserting it. That seems to work for me. :slight_smile:


already tried like 50 times. No success…


I too am having problems setting up the wireless for my mbot. The directions on line do not match my software. I am using mBlock and Scratchbot. Neither one of them will set up the wireless. Any suggestions?


steps to re-pair the receiver:

  1. detach the usb dongle from your computer;
  2. while powered on, push the tiny button on the top of the 2.4G module installed on the mBot.
  3. while the LED light is blinking, plug in the 2.4G dongle. You would see the LED light stops blinking if it goes well.