New neuron's block


I’d like makeblock to create a new neuron block with added functionality to save the mblock 5 program to smart power. Or, I hope to sell codey and rocky separately.()



The following Neuron blocks can be added: Soil Moisture, PIR Sensor, Gyro Sensor, Ultrasonic, LED Panel, Strip LED, Buzzer, DC Motor, Servo Motor, Funny Touch and Button.

However, I remain disappointed because there is still a lot of block to add in the extension Neuron for mBlock 5: Color Sensor, Light Sensor, Humiture Sensor, Knob, Temp Sensor, Joystick, EL Wire Driver, Line Follower, Voice Recognition, Display , Wireless-T and Wireless-R.

The extension is incomplete and it is disappointing.


Eeeeeeeeee …

Version 5.0.1 included almost all the blocks. There are still missing but I retract. It’s much better.
Continue adding the blocks.

Cool, the battery level… I want the same functionality in Neurons blocks


I am sorry it translated by google translation, so it was a bit wrong. What I wanted to say is that I would like to add a function to save the program to smart power, and if it is impossible, I mean that you want the codey with that feature sold separately.


I am rather bad in English. I use Google translated, me too. I do not understand “smart power” but Makeblock will probably be something to talk to you about. Désoler.

What language do you speak ?


Hi Dai5_jp,
What do you mean by smart power? Do you have the exact module? Did you buy any neuron kit?
Does anything related to Codey and Rocky? You may offer more details about it.


@Crackel I speak japanese.


Oupos I Speak french … sorry…


The smart power is the smart power block attached to most of the neuron set. If the purpose of listening is different, please explain it a little more easily.


Is that you referred to?

Not sure what is that “the purpose of listening”.


Maybe an instruction to know how much batery is left?


I understand your English in Google Translate, so I think there is some misunderstanding there. I wanted to say that you want smart power to add functions that can store programs like arduino, mcore, auriga etc.


Hi ai5_jp,

I think I understand your need. You want to upload your program so that it is autonomous that the mBot, etc. For the Neuron blocks, the block that stores the code is the WIFI block. Otherwise you can also use the Codey. The two methods allow you to upload the code and, since they will be used in the future, the code will work without the PC or Tablet.

Do you search?


Yes, I looked it up. However, at the very least, I wanted makeblock to sell codey and rocky separately.:slightly_frowning_face:


There is the WIFI Block which is less expensive


For purchase issue, you may turn to


But I think that wifi block can not save pc version mblock program. I can save the pc version mblock program
, I want cheaper blocks than codey rocky.



After checking, only the Bluetooth block connects to the PC’s mBlock. The WIFI block does not work.

Conclusion: The only way to my code is through the Neuron app. This is a big problem because it makes it impossible to use mBlock tablet or PC to upload code. The application is correct but it is not equivalent to the mBlock application.

I hope Makeblock will correct this problem because otherwise the Neuron block becomes rather disappointing.


Yes, I will feedback it again to the software and product team.


That I wanted is that. I am sorry for surrounding you.