New bracket for stepper motor



To connect the thread-drive pack to the stepper motor - I have designed + lasercut a few stepper mounts. These allow me to directly stick the axle from the stepper through a 2408 beam, which allows me to build nice linear motion constructions without extra linkage

For my current project I needed more precision as well - so I built a backlash-compensator that allows you to adjust 2 screws against eachother to remove any wiggleroom that would exist while using a single threaded hole.


Could something like these be made from aluminum at some point?

Stepper mount:

Backlash compensator:

I have the CAD drawings available if anyone wants to cut their own version :slight_smile:

Stijn / Zephod


Thanks for your idea .The backlash compensator and stepper mount is very good.I think the stepper mount could be made from aluminum.The structure of compensator is a bit complex.Whether can use two spring instead of on both sides of the nut.


my stepper motor bracket from this site.