Network modules



I am a teacher in automotive technology, it would be nice to have network interface modules CAN, LIN and VAN eventually compatible with makeblock structural elements. This could allow students to manipulate and use / analyze these protocols on small assemblies based makeblock. (wiper control, windows control, command driving control, …).

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Hi Deledom,

What od you mean about the Network modules? Do you mean the network option under the Connect menu of the mBlock posted in this link:



No, I speak of automotive network interface.
LIN for Local Interconnect Network and CAN2b for Controller Area Network.
More sensors or actuators are interfaced with the network in the automobile.
The modules would do the conversion I2C <-> CAN(2B) for the CAN module with such a MCP2515 and MCP2551 ICs
and I2C <-> LIN for LIN module with such a IC mcp2004 for example.

Buttons window lifter (2 wires) -> RJ25 adapter -> ME Orion -> LIN interface -> LIN network (12V) -> LIN Interface -> Me Orion -> Motor with encoder for the passenger window.

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