Need an adapter for the laser control cable


Long story. The X Axis quit on me, which for as long as I’ve had my laser, it was not completely unexpected.

I tried a new motor, but it just stuttered when I tried to move the laser module. So $10 fix didn’t work, so not a huge deal.

I decided to order the 5w laser assembly and use my 40w laser on it. Not only do I know everything is new and should work, but now it would be pretty and red. Win win.

Except it isn’t. My laser module has an 8 pin connector and the main board on the new assembly has a 9 pin connector.

I really can’t drop another $1200 replacing a laser module that is working perfectly. Does anyone know if/where I can get an 8 pin to 9 pin adapter, or which of the pins I would disregard if I tried to put a 9 pin connector on my old cable?