My Ranger Scorpion


This is my pimped Ranger. I have setup selectable modes with the IR remote depending on which button is pressed it can…

Avoid obstacles with its 3 x Ultrasonic sensors navigate the house inteligently without getting stuck

Follow mode where it will follow you quite well and ignore walls and other permanent fixtures.

Lights mode - Adjust the colour of the light circle by remote by mixing the 3 colours.

Claw mode - Drive by IR remote and control claw. Claw is attached to servo arm. The claw can lift objects and can also be used to lift the back of the robot when it extends down. This allows you to climb curbs and other tall obstacles. Servo is smooth and controlled via Polou servo controller attached to serial port.

Really enjoying learning about Arduino from this versatile kit. The next step it to add an S.BUS RC receiver to control the robot by long range remote control and add an 5.8 ghz FPV pan tilt camera. Should be fun to control the robot remotely and see whats going on through my FPV goggles :slight_smile: