mTiny feedback and question


Got mTiny for my three year old grandson. A HUGE hit. He loved doing the early tasks and really enjoyed getting mTiny to do the expressions. His one year old brother saw him do the expressions and was able to do them also. Both had great fun.

While they were napping, myself and my son (both engineers) spent close to 2 hours playing, trying a bunch of codes.

Question…Some one mentioned that there are new maps available. I could not find them in your website. If they are available for sale please guide me to a source.

Thanks for the great product.

I can not wait for the grandsons to get older so that i will have an excuse to buy some of your other products.


Hello Eugemac, thank you for choosing our product, and we are glad to know the feedback that you provided here. Due to the sales policies are different from country to country, the maps are not of the same period in the progress in different regions. Therefore, I would suggest that you can contact the distributor where you order this mTiny from. We will keep deliver great products to our customers. Also, for any tech support, you can always write to and we will reply ASAP.