Motors + Encoders


DC Motors and encoders.

For a cool robot we need motors with encoders.
It is the best way to calculate displacement.
Something like 256 pulses per turn will be nice.

For me is the only thinks missing in the Makeblock portfolio.

Perhaps we can put a shaft encoder rear at the motor ?



Absolute rotary encoders - and maybe linear absolute encoders too?


Absolutely! +10

having a blast with makeblock :slight_smile:


A device including the motor and the pulse encoder will be already nice




The encoder motor is on the way.


Good news

Need beta testers ?



Ooh that looks nice!

What features does the board support? Does it behave like a servo drive? Or as a stepper motor? Or both?


Any idea about a date for these motors ?



Hi @Georges @Zephod, we are asking for beta testing customers, would like to join in? please see details here:


I have already ordered my kit, so I am guessing encoders will not be included. How far along are the encoders? When will you start taking orders?

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Hi, Sorry for the delay in answering… We are planning to list the encoders in two weeks from now, I will publish the news when all things are prepared.


When are you going to list the encoders?


We have got the sample. I am sure they are coming soon. We want to make things perfect. Please forgive our delay.


Hi . . Is there any updates regarding the motor encoders ?


Hi @belal, the schedule of factory is really slow here. Maybe 1 month later. We will put the news here ASAP if we get it.


Sorry, but… still nothing?


The encoders and motors could be available this week.


The encoder is coming!


Will we be able to use the MakeBlock App to control the encoders?


Sorry, we have not added the function into App right now. We will do it later.