Mlaser Software


I’m having issues with the mlaser software. Other than the fact I need to reinstall it each time it crashes. Is there a way to set the working area? It defaults to about 100mm x 100mm but there is 300+ to work with.

The lasebot machine itself is actually really good but the software limitation is sort of ruining the experience. Any tutorials for all the functionality would be much appreciated


Hi Pboisei,

For the issue that you need re install it each time it crashes, may I know the operating system of your computer?
What is the special situation the software will crash?

For the working area, it is true that mLaser does’t set a working area. While the working area of the Laserbot is 383mm×367mm. Before you start cut or engrave an image, you can click on “Preview engrave area” to make sure you can adjust the proper position.

Besides, here is the learn website listed all the instruction for Laserbot, pull down the page and you can find all the introduction for the mLaser software.


No idea sorry! Didn’t try this yet.