Me-String Lights Driver Test Project


Here is our third New product test project. We have finished the design of Me-String Lights Driver . You can see more information about this module here.

Now we need the feedback and suggestions from our customers. So we make this test project.
Here is the conditions of apply for this project:

  1. You should write a feedback report of these two products and post it in our forum or just make a discuss here in this topic.
  2. We will provide a library of the encoder motor driver soon this week. And the person who take part in this test project should help us to test this library and to improve it.
  3. After the testing, we will make a wiki page of this module. If you can help us to write this wiki page. It will be great.
  4. We just have 5 packages of this test project kit, including one Me-String Lights driver. So just 5 people can get our testing package.
  5. You will get this testing parts for free but you should pay us the shipping fee. If you have made some orders from Makeblock these days and we can put the testing parts into your package so that you don’t have to pay the additional shipping fee.
  6. If you don’t have a string light and want to get one from us, you should pay 10 $ to us.

The apply of this project will end at this Sunday. And we will select 5 people to send them the package next week. And will post the status of these packages here in this topic.

So if you want to help us to test these new products and don’t mind to pay a shipping fee for it. Just write here or send me an email at:


What kind of LED strips can this board drive?

I have some 12v strips and maybe some 5v strips somewhere… as well as full rgb 3.3v/5v ws2810/ws2812 strips


Hi Stijn,
The LED strip we use now is ws2811 strips. Maybe this board can also drive ws2810/ws2812 strips. We will add this board if you want.


By using this board, you can use arduino to control the strips easy and like what BlinkyTape do.


Thanks for conditions of apply String Lights Driver. Writing a feedback report needs efforts and and good writing so I recommend you to visit here you;ll find some advice.


Hello everybody! Thank you for such useful information. I would definitely use this information when writing course work thanks to this site