Me Auriga datalogger


I’m the proud owner of the above and am looking for datalogging app that records movement duration, cycles, duration of operation and environmental conditions for the purpose of maintenance of equipment.
It will need a real time clock and a place to store a lot of information from the available sensors.
Any help or suggestions would be helpful. PLEASE RESPOND aSAP.


The Me Auriga is based on the Atmel 2560 (Arduino Mega board), so that would be your best bet with regard to search terms. I don’t recall the Me Auriga having a real-time clock per se, so you will likely have to stream the data either wirelessly (Bluetooth/WiFi) or over a cable. While the Atmel 2560 has more memory than the Atmel 328P (Arduino Uno), you may find that it will overwhelm the available memory causing a crash if you try to store the data locally. I’m not sure what you mean by having an Me Auriga datalogger. I haven’t seen that product on the website so it’s a new one to me.


Thank you for your thoughtful and prompt response.
Specifically I’m looking to use The Me Auriga with a real time clock and a flash drive or memory stick to record the environmental conditions such as movement, speed, and parameters available on the Me Auriga to the external flash drive as a datalogging device.
I would hope to use the Bluetooth available to copy the data recorded to a android or iOS device.

I’m looking to do a similar thing with the Me Auruga as mentioned in this article.
There are several nice features in design about the Me Auruga I am attracted to.
Please share with me if this would work or can be made to work with out much difficulty. Again, thank you all in advance for tour time and consideration.


The Auriga is powered by a microcontroller where the Raspberry Pi is powered by an ARM CPU. To do onboard datalogging you would need a datalogging shield for an Arduino, such as the one from Adafruit (link) which has a real time clock already integrated into it. You’d to connect it to the Auriga via the I2C interface.