mBot2 demo programs + eudcational resources



I’m absolutely new to makeblock and the mBot2 robots and have just purchased some of them. To get started I’d like to inspect the code of the three demo programs that come along with mBot2. How do I do that? Where can I find the code? Additionally, I’d be thankful if someone shared some educational resources with me so that I can start designing some robotics lessons.



Hi there:

FYI:Mbot mission


Thank you makeblock.lindingxin for your prompt reply.
There is one particular demo program on my mbot2/cyperpi (giving directions, than have the bot drive that previously created path) which I would like to play around with. Is there any way of getting this back to the makeblock coding platform?



Hi there:

You can select mBot2 example progarm from tutorials

and then select your program you want to upload and click ok

click add device and choose cyber Pi(not mbot),click ok.

select upload model and turn on your mbot2 to connect with mBlock 5 and upload the codes



I found this and this guy making more video how to program Mbot2.