mBot Ranger with robotic arm


I know Ranger isn’t really designed for the robotic arm, but it works just fine. The only issue is how to counter balance it when picking items up. With some extra brackets and a modified electric socket box on an L-bracket, it works! You simply pop some weight in the box then go collect your items. I run technology clubs and this is the most popular! Excellent product, REALLY great for STEM learning.

Check out Ranger in action with the arm here!

I now have a small Makeblock water pump and I’m attempting to build a plant watering system using Ranger. If you guys could sort out a water sensor that would work with mBlock then you would have the ultimate educational tool and home help at the same time :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: hint hint.


Cool! Looks like a fun race.

I like the idea of using a bottle in the back for counter balance. I’ve solved this issue differently. Maybe you like to check out my Ranger with robotic arm in action too: https://youtu.be/08lQLUp-LkU


I bought a mbot Ranger for my son last Christmas.
I would like to buy spare parts in order to built the robotic arm.
Could you tell me which spare parts I need.
Thank’s a lot for your help