mBot package


I like the box the mBot came in, all items were well fitted in the foam. As our mBots will be transported a lot, I would have been nice that the foam also fits if the mBot is assembled?


@on4tux , mBot is designed for DIY assemble, its ok for us to design the assembled package, but it would reduce the charming of the robot.


No, the mBot should come unassembled :wink: The components fit the foam very well, I just wonder if you can foresee additional cuts in the foam which you can remove after you assemble the mBot, so the assembled mBot fits in the foam and allows transportation without it moving in the box. Is my question a bit more clear now?


@on4tux,I think I have gotten your meaning,that may be a little hard for design,can we know why do you have such requirements?


White piece of cardboard, shoe box stock 60/40 split, room for all. Fold in half, bend out edges about an inch (for gluing / taping). Make finished divider 3-1/4 tall and 6-5/8 long. Leaves enough room for the instruction book to lay across top. Ten minutes of work. Note the cool Zip-Lock hard top. Easier for the kids to pick it up – wait for the racing stripes :smile:.


@on4tux , @John1 Nice work! :grinning: