MBot automatic clear field


Hello, let me introduce my “Mbot self clean field”

This project is based on Mbot with gyro and mini gripper.
The aim is to detect object “alone” , to get it into the arm and to move the object far from the way

I’ve developped with scratch and all the sequences are full automatic, no human assitance required

  1. Mbot start to scan around him and detect the nearest object (after creat a map infront of sonar sensor)
  2. Then Mbot is moving to the nearest object in order to get it with the gripper
  3. Finally, Mbot is moving the objet behind him and try to scan & detect a new instance of object

The result here :

This sequence was filmed in debug mode … sorry for some delaying and slow execution

You can see more details here :



In order to place Mbot front of the object, some trigo was necessary :wink: