Mblock wait() function is not accurate


I have taken the new user tutorial.
I did hit a post limit once…
For some reason, upload mode works/…
Will try your code…
Any other suggestions?



If the code doesn’t work, mention me as @Best_codes. Also, first try changing the values of both the onboard gyro sensor blocks to y-axis or z-axis. If it still fails, try doing [block] - degrees instead of +.

As a last resort, change it all back and use turn left in the custom block instead. I will test the block tomorrow, and send you the mBlock project.

Hope that keeps you busy, and have a nice rest of your day / night? Hmm… @V205


Night here for your info :slight_smile:

Well thank you!
I will tinker with that project today…


OK, have a great rest of your night! (me too, so I better some rest soon. :confused:)


It does not work…
Probably a bug.

Have a great night :slight_smile:


Sorry, I will fix it tomorrow when I can test with my Ranger (if I have time).


Thanks! :slight_smile:
No worries :slight_smile:


Here, I tested this, I’ll get you the file later:


File here @V205:



I have not downloaded the file yet.

That is using a CyberPi(using ranger here…)?


Yes, the file I gave has the Ranger version @V205.


Could I have a photo of the ranger version?
Don’t really want to download(no preview……)


Sure! Sorry about that.



Ok thanks!
Will try it out later.
BTW, do you know how to take the plastic cover off the ranger’s auriga?


Yes. You can just pull it apart if you are careful. It is snap together., if I remember correctly. @V205


No screws?
Ok Thanks!


No problem! Be careful with it, though. You don’t want to mess up the wrong things. :grimacing:


I haven’t got round to building Nervous Bird yet - but as far as I could tell, the balancing routines for MegaPi were built in to the default firmware for the board.

The following may be of some value:


Thanks for the info @CommandeR. Did you mean to post this here: