mBlock version 3.3.7


Has anyone noticed that the latest version of mBlock, 3.3.7, has noticeably limited code features when looking at the previous version, 3.3.6?

For example in version 3.3.7, the block to stop the piezo from buzzing is no longer available, “stop tone.” This would likely hinder a young programmer to use the “play tone …” block. Yes there is the “stop ____” and you can change the drop down to all sounds, but then if the child wanted to reuse …


I think they dropped the stop tone block because they changed the play tone block to have a timer. While I get that, I really wish they had kept the play tone and stop tone blocks because the timer on the play tone on note for beat block is a blocking timer and is less flexible.


Thanks, ChuckMcKnight!

Yes, totally agree with you about the tone blocks. I will not be updating to version 3.3.7 and will remain on version 3.3.6


Seconded! Those are two different behaviors, and should have two different blocks. Especially in a Scratch derivative where kids are already used to the difference between Say and Say for N Seconds.



The stop tone is removed because the old buzzer functions are too buggy. If there’s any way they can work properly they will be there.