Mblock for inventors


I think this product ( Mblock) could be used by small companies with innovative ideas, and get new products off the ground fast, like the 3D printer did.

I would like to see a separate Mblock division dedicated to the advancement of small company thinkers’
I have 4 US patents 1 I’ve sold, but the problem is getting prototypes built fast and cheep, and not having to depend on other expensive outsiders.
I worked for a company for 3 years that manufactured there produces in china, there I was told that the government will pay to make prototypes for innovators! do we wonder why the US is so far behind.
3 things I would like to see happen with Mblock.
1- An Mblock platform devoted to potential product design. not toy robots ( which is great for education! )
2-A broader block selection for Arduino, instead of catering to the expensive hardware companies, the first question a prospective buyer ask me is how much does cost to make? I cant answer that with expensive toy boards and sensors! (I’m sure you have some agreement with them, that’s why a separate education and developer division might work.
3-detailed instructions on what each and every block function is and does.
In conclusion, I believe there is a huge opportunity for Mblock and inventors, please consider this, I’m sick of China getting all the opportunity.
Thanks Jayson