mBlock Android App, need help on step 7-6



I am going through tutorial activities but unable to complete the task 7-6.
Task: Every time when mBot is picked up play tune, turn left then tight,
it will stop moving when it is put down.

there is only “if then”, no “if then else”, and two “if then” are mandatory.
there is only picked up sense, no put down sense available.
any hint to complete this task?

Help needed in solving mBlock for mBot (iPad) level 7: Condtion 7-6

Hi emad,

We have checked the task show in this picture is task 7-5 instead of task 7-6.
And in task 7-5, there is “if then else” block.

Which version of mBlock APP do you use? We have published a new version mBlock APP this week, please kindly update it to the latest version.
If there is still issue, you can also send a feedback via the APP directly, then our engineer can get the problem as well as the version information.



the issue fixed, thank you.