Mblock and Makeblock apps



Next week we will have our last session of Meet the Mbot for this season . (We are a flemish (=dutch) speaking group) We introduced theMbot 2 for a smal group of kids around 9-11 years old. I used the apps mBlock and Makeblock.
I love the ease of use of the ipad ( working bluetooth, live connection, …) but the app for coding is serously flawed. so i used pc’s again.

With ipads : super bluteooth connection!
problems wth app :
many extensions not avalaible in english ( let alone Dutch) mic of languages
many feature not avalaible ( IOT, AI, …)
lack of control in depth
with pc : no bluetoothe connection ( tried alot)
Using the ipad is handy with a younger kids , but language is is a major problem.