Manufacturing mechanical parts


On the MakeBlock website it refers to the platform as open source.
Does this mean that anybody is allowed to manufacture and resell the mechanical parts without any restrictions or license?


Hi andyp,
The open source means our mBlock3 software are open source and the board that based on Arduino which open source too.


Hi andyp,

What I understand from the answer is that mBlock3 and the Arduino boards are Open Source. However, I could not copy the mBot or a Makeblock product for sale. Despite everything, they do not say that they have put copyright on all the parts. You will probably be able to make your own kits.

Take a not very expensive Chinese Servo Motor, add a cardboard / wood model / ??? and including instructions for a workshop you would have created for the Halocode would probably be accepted.

It depends on Makeblock’s vision. They will always have some exclusive features that justify the price.

I would also like to know their vision because I use several non-Makeblock pieces for me (I am curious).

Note: awful English / sorry