Makeblock starter robot kit


Ok I don’t know much about robots but I bought my son the starter robot kit and everything is working except we can’t get the remote control to get the robot to go.if anyone has any ideas please email at I can’t get ahold of there technical support.


Hi Booboo224,

Great Day!
I have seen your email which sent to tec-support email, from there, I see your email address is and replied to this email.Anyway, really sorry for the delay.

I have just sent an email to, please kindly check. Best Regards!


I’m having this same problem. It seems to be wired correctly, and the signal is being received, it’s just not working.

Any advice out there?



Hi Steve,

Do you mean there is LED reaction on the IR module when press the button on IR remote controller but the starter didn’t move?
If yes, please upgrade firmware for the Starter first refer to this instruction.4. How to upgrade firmware for (1.1 MB)

Then please reset default program for it have a try.2. How to reset default program for starter with (1.0 MB)