Makeblock please fix website - Important


Hello Makeblock,

On your site in the top right corner was a link to your store and a description of pretty much all your Sensors, Controller, Mechanical Parts and most everything else. I know your store is being handled by Amazon and a few other vendors, I liked buying from Makeblock direct best, I could order anything, not so on Amazon.

Please put back the link to the description of Sensors, Controllers, Mechanical parts and all the rest. It was a great resource. If I’m not mistaken you also had links to product data sheets etc. Please also include part numbers and where else you can buy the item, since only a small part of your inventory is on Amazon.


Hi SVrobot,
Thanks for your attention and feedback.
The website was improved 2 days ago. Now go to bottom, click on “online store” below purchase, then you’ll see store page where you search modules and read its description.


The link is called Makeblock store but you can’t buy anything, but the descriptions are helpful. I was looking for a AA battery holder for the mcore board. Cant find it on your site or the Makeblock Amazon store. All the battery holders on line I have seen have no plug on the other end that will work on the mcore board. I was also looking into the plastic case the mcore board fits into. Do you have any ideas.


You are suggested to buy Li-ion battery:Can you point a rechargable lithium battery tested to buy for the mBot?
If you still need AA battery holder, please check with your local distributor. And tell us your region.
The website still calls “store”, since B customer can order products there.


The link given didn’t work, says it can’t connect to server. I haven’t considered lithium ion because the are only 3.7 volts if I recall correctly.

I live in a small town in souther Arizona down near the border with Mexico. We have no local stores that sell this kind of stuff since Radio Shack pulled out.

What is a B customer?


Sorry, here is correct one: Can you point a rechargable lithium battery tested to buy for the mBot?
In US, you can check with robotshop. Here are some distributors in different region:, you can search them online first.
B customer is the distributor.
For some parts you need, tell the distributor who will contact with our sales.


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