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Hello everyone. Thank you for all of your support and attention.
Recently we did remove online purchase on our official website. Sincerely sorry for any misleading or inconvenience. Now the website for product introduction not for purchase since purchasing from the official website relates high tariff and freight, which is not good for end users. So we suggest the users to buy from the local distributors or from Amazon. Some small items are not available on Amazon now, please kindly feedback to your local distributor and meanwhile, we’ll also inform the corresponding sales who will check with the distributor. Also we are negotiating with Amazon, trying to add some popular items to Amazon in form of packs or kits.
Once again, sorry if any inconvenience caused.


Hi @tech_support,

I would strongly urge Makeblock to find a way to make the various beams, plates, etc. available through Amazon because the pricing is very appealing compared to other vendors. It’s one of the reasons a lot of folks here buy those extra parts. :slight_smile:

Best regards,



Thanks Chuck,
Appreciate your suggestion and we’ll forwarded to the corresponding colleague.


I’m going to second this posting. Makeblock’s beams and other components are outstanding. My clients love the look and feel, and how easy it makes creating bespoke robotics solutions. Unfortunately, I am having problems sourcing components. Either the US domestic distributors do not have enough, or don’t carry them. And as I found out the hard way this morning, Makeblock discontinued parts that were the backbone of my solution (I found this out as I was placing orders for the initial production versions).

It is frustrating because these parts are included in kits that Makeblock sells, so I can assume they are still manufactured.

So now I’m going to have to redesign my solution, costing me time in an already tight schedule.

What would be extremely helpful is for Makeblock to sell every part so we can make our own solutions. Even if we don’t use the ME architecture for the electronics, the mechanical components allow for some very advanced designs that are visually stunning and save in production time because it minimizes my team having to manufacture parts.

Please Makeblock, either have everything on Amazon or open up a US-based distribution facility to fulfill US-based orders. And enough with not paying for air travel. 2 - 3 months for parts to arrive by ship to a distributor is too long. If I place an order to make robots for my clients, I can’t wait 3 months for the parts to arrive.

I am not exaggerating when I say employees at my clients have asked about the vendor of the beams so they can buy your parts for their private projects at home. There is a market here for your mechanics but without a stable supply chain it’s tough to base my solutions moving forward on the Makeblock platform.