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Since laser technology came into the world of industry, the market for laser cutting machines has been growing all the time.

Laser cutting machine is mainly used for processing various metals, plastics, wood and other materials. The main types of such machines are: CO₂ laser machines, fiber laser machines and CO₂ laser engraving machines.

Laser cutting has higher precision and speed than traditional cutting machines. Choosing a cost-effective laser cutting machine is very important for businesses.

If you choose an inferior quality machine, you will not only lose the amount of cost, but you will also affect the manufacturing and production process.

Let’s get to know the globally popular manufacturers of laser cutting machines. These are my personal top 5 laser cutting machines.



Country: Germany

TRUMPF is a manufacturing machinery company based in Germany.

TRUMPF has evolved from a small sheet metal working machine shop to a global high-tech company.

TRUMPF focus on the production of metals, industrial lasers and industrial electronics. Especially laser products, you can find any laser product you need at TRUMPF.

+Pros: High cutting efficiency, less spatter, compact design and long service life.

-Cons: The machine is expensive, also maintenance costs are high.

2. Bystronic

Country: Switzerland

Bystronic is an international sheet metal working company in Switzerland. In addition to the Swiss division, the corporation has branches in China and Germany.

With the help of technology manufacturer can work with profiles, pipes, and process flat workpieces. Typically, metal cutting machine Bystronic involves working with steel and aluminum. The company is also a manufacturer of machine tools and metal presses, which is considered one of the most effective ways to deform metal components.

Bystronic offers a wide range of laser sources with powerful functions.

+Pros: The laser quality is reliable and the efficiency is high. The Bystronic laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy, high speed and doesn’t consume much material. The control interface is simple and easy to use.

-Cons: The company specializes in large format industrial machines. There are no alternative compact machines for metalworking.


Country: China

Wattsan has been successfully operating since 2009 in China. Its products are used in more than 900 factories in China, Russia, Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Wattsan provides professional laser and milling equipment and related materials. The list of supplied equipment includes:

  • laser engravers and cutters

  • laser cutters

  • laser markers

  • CNC milling machines and engravers

  • laser welding and cleaning

  • component equipment

Wattsan is an example of the right implementation of innovative solutions for industry, ensuring a high level of profitability and productivity. The company doesn’t focus on one direction, such as large metal cutters or sheet metal benders. Milling machines, laser markers, CO2 laser cutters and engravers, welding and laser metal cleaning are also available for processing different types of metal. With such a wide selection, you can put together a whole set of equipment that both cuts, welds, engraves, bends, and cleans metal.

The Wattsan laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy, high speed, and doesn’t consume much material.

Also, don’t forget that the price of this manufacturer is much lower than the European reps. However, the quality is not inferior.

+Pros: high accuracy of material processing. A large variety of machines for working with all types of material. Acceptable price. The control interface is user-friendly.

-Cons: The manufacturer’s main office in China. In Europe for the moment there is only one official dealer - Virmer in the Netherlands.


Country: Japan

Japanese concern, one of the largest machine tool companies. Manufacturer of equipment for cold sheet metal working, stamping, laser cutting, bending, automation systems. The company exists already since 1946.

Amada has many subsidiaries around the world. The company offers a wide range of sheet metal working machines with excellent performance and advanced technology.

Moreover, the company offers a full range of sheet metal machining solutions, software and peripherals.

The Amada fiber laser cutting machine can perfectly process highly reflective materials such as aluminum, copper, red copper and titanium, as well as materials that are difficult to process. The fiber laser developed by the company has unique beam control technology.

+Pros: AMADA is one of the largest manufacturers of presses and tools for metalworking and holds leading positions in the industry in terms of production volume.

-Cons: The company specializes in large format industrial machines. There are no alternative compact machines for metalworking.

5. Salvagnini

Country: Italy

Founded in 1963, Salvagnini is an automatic sheet metal working systems company combining design, production, sales and service. The company designs, builds, sells and services flexible machines and systems for processing sheet metal.

The Salvagnini Group is headquartered in Italy, with 2 other branches in the United States and Canada.

The company has a wide range of products, especially in the field of flexible automation.

Salvagnini always insists on providing innovative technologies to realize flexible and automatic solutions and transforms metal plates into different sets of everyday and industrial accessories.

Salvagnini fiber laser cutting machine technology is reflected in speed, accuracy, reliability and productivity.

+Pros: Single-mirror cutting head doesn’t need gas cooling. Cutting parameters can be adjusted automatically. Automatic production, simple and safe operation.

-Cons: No European branch of the company. No alternative compact machines for metalworking.

In conclusion, laser cutting machine has a variety of functions and low operating costs.

Before you buy, you need to know the production capacity and configuration of the laser cutting machine, including laser power, water cooler, etc.

It’s hard to say that any one manufacturer is unequivocally better than the others. You choose a machine to suit your needs, and that changes the power of the machine, the size, and the speed of production.


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