Makeblock color sensor


Is it possible that Makeblock create color sensor?

My son’s team wants to participate on maze solving challenge of Croatian robotic association. We plan to use Auriga board and Makeblock sensors. But wee desperately need color sensor. Because there are colored squares which are used to determine turns…


Hi Flek_new,

Currently, we don’t have the color sensor.
We may have the plan to develop color sensor in the future, thanks for your query.


You could try to use colored filters with the line follower sensors


@Andreas: it sound interesting…
How will it work? Where can I find such filters?

Another approach:
Currently, I am working on extension.
I plan to buy TSC34752 color sensor and connect it to some Auriga port.
There are some sources for it on GitHub…
And I am trying to create extension for Makeblock.
If anyone have any advice - it will be appreciated.


Amazon has them as sets, often used for flashes. Or try to go to a shop which do light for stages or events … they might have some leftover pieces for free. Dont spend too much on it, I dont know if that works.