Makeblock 3D designer


Would be a great idea have a Makeblock designer like Lego digital designer

With a 3D library of all makeblock parts and be able to construct our models or mechanisms and know wich exact parts we need before buy.

Do you know some 3D opensource software to do this ?


Hi Jose, I think you can find all Makeblock 3D opensource design by Makeblock here We’d love you build more interesting projects in future:) That is an open platform for cad files. There are lots of 3D opensource software, FreeCAD is a good choice.


Hello Christina!

Of course, Grab Cad is nice, but if you know LEGO Designer you will agree that it is much easier to use than another CAD software. Maybe Makeblock can use all the models in Grab Cad for such a designer.
I think that would be a great success for Makeblock.




I see where this is going. Say a graphical drop down menu with all the parts listed. A X-Y-Z grid Where you can Cut&Past from the library snapping to the grid. The spacing of the grid could be from the centre of the holes so everything aligns automatically. It would only need 4 views X,Y,Z and isometric. Where parts are placed together and holes aligned hardware would be auto placed. A printable DB of parts would be a simple programming device. It would give a quick and visual indication of the viability of any project. I think it’s a great idea.