Make your own RC Car!


You could make a DIY RC Car kit!
It would basically be an mBot body and board with some sensors, but it would go much faster (like 10 or more Miles Per Hour, ~ 16 or more Kilometers Per Hour).
I know a lot of people who really love RC Cars, and I think it would be amazing if you made a DIY kit in which you built one.

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"RC Car" programming help

Sounds like a fun idea. I made something somewhat along those lines. It’s much faster than the setup in a kit, but not 10Mph. It’s a makeblock chassis with a different motor controller and an RC transmitter. There is no makeblock board in it, though I plan to integrate one into the design at some point. The issues I found with using a makeblock board by itself were
-Speed is limited by the gear ratio of the motors. If you stay within the recommended voltage, they only go so fast.
-The Makeblock motor drivers output a PWM at 6V so you need to use 6V motors. I also found adding multiple motors with multiple ME drivers cut that voltage down so they went slower.
-Transmitter range with a bluetooth controller is about 30 feet max. I found no way to integrate a regular RC receiver with makeblock, though if it were programmed as an arduino with the added Makeblock libraries and RC receiver libraries it might work.
-Integrating a different motor controller with Makeblock is challenging. A Me High-Power Encoder is pretty beefy and would be able to supply Makeblock motors at their potential.

The configuration that I have is
-Makeblock chassis with 6x 9v Makeblock motors.
-10A dual motor driver
-8.4V NiMh RC car battery
-RC transmitter

It goes pretty fast, but not 10Mph like you want, though it is alot faster than it was before. The motors can draw all the current they need and it doesn’t slow down for anything. If you want 10+ mph you might thing about integrating different motors into Makeblock.


Cool! :smile:


On the same theme (ish) - made entirely from the Ultimate 2.0 kit:


Wow! That’s cool! :grinning:


Ich habe einen Ferngesteuerten Play mobil LKW umgebaut zu einem Fahrzeugkran:

Aus einem alten Spielzeugauto habe ich den Empfänger rausgebaut und dann Kabel angelötet :

Für zwei Motoren Nr.1:

Und Nr.2:

Das ich den Kran schwenken ( Nr.1) und das ich die Winde steuern kann (Nr.2).
Sehr toll

Nice makeblock car

Wow, @Computerliebe , vielen Dank fürs Teilen! Es sieht grandios aus!


Danke, Freut mich! Ich wollte eigentlich einen Kamerakran bauen, aber dann bin ich auf die Idee mit dem Kran gekommen.


Are there instructions for building the car shown in the images?


Hi Jeff

There are full instructions in my book ‘mBot & Me IV - The Ultimate Challenge’ and whilst Makeblock Europe had this from me ages ago, it has not so far been added to the Educational Resources pages - why not?

To add to the two individual pages that I posted in the Forum last October, here are the remaining pages from my ‘Buggy-Bot’ chapter. I do hope that you can make it successfully - do let me know if you do:

Enjoy! - But come on Forum members, give me some support and complain to Makeblock about not releasing this open-source book; and they are also sitting on Volume 5 (my guide to Arduino coding and making Extensions work) too:

For info. My original first volume can be found for download at:


I tried to read parts of the book that you uploaded but the text and images aren’t clear.


Thanks for your thankless reply.

The images posted are clear.

Have you clicked on the images to enlarge them - each image should then fill your screen. If you right click an image you can save it or print it