Make instructions available as PDFs on website (instead of Scribd)


I’ve just got a starter kit and wanted to download some instructions for things to build.

All the links on the website I could find took me to Scribd - which meant I had to register there. Then it would only let me download 2 instructions as PDFs before it said I had to pay.

Why not make them available as PDFs on your website? It would be a lot easier for your customers. As it is, we’re heading away on holidays in 2 days and I was hoping to take a few instructions with me to build things with my kids - looks like we’ll only be able to make 2 things from the instructions…


Dear @peter_mcc,

We are very sorry for this problem and very thankful for your feedback. And we have fix it, you can directly download the PDF instructions on this page(At the bottom of the ‘Product Description’). Wish you and your kids have a good holiday.

Thank you!



I just found the whole set in Github - perhaps over time you could add the Github links to the other kit pages and download pages. You might need to tell people to click the “raw” link to download the PDFs from GitHub (too me a little while to work that out - I haven’t really used GitHub much)


We have fix the link problem as your suggest. Now you can directly download the PDF from our product page without click the ‘Raw’ button on github. And, we have add all the guide links to other kit pages:)