M1 and Lightburn


It appears the M1 is not yet compatible with Lightburn - when will this be fixed?


Could you give more details? Maybe this problem is only one you have…

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I’d like to use the Lightburn software with my xTool M1 and it won’t recognize the machine. Also there is no xTool profile for the M1 to use in Lightburn, as there is with the D1. I know the D1 required a special firmware update to work. Will the M1 receive similar treatment?


I don’t know, you can try the xTool support center:
Also, @Crackel or @PierreJo may be able to help you more.

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Hi Best_codes,

I only have Codey Rocky, mBot, Neuron, CyberPI, HaloCole.

Sorry ;(


OK. I guess the xTool support will have to help him.


Last mention of Lightburn for M1 was in February and after that it’s radio silence…