Lessons upgraded to mBlock 5?


Hi, the mBot lessons on http://education.makeblock.com/resource/mbot-lessons-mblock/ are still mBot 3 based. Are there any plans to upgrade them to mBlock 5 is the near future?



Thanks for your suggestion, we will forward to related department.


Are there any MBot lessons for Mblock v5?


Sorry for the delay. Actually now many teachers would like to write books/lessons by themselves based on mBlock 5+mBot. Currently we don’t have official lessons based mBlock 5 for mBot, we will feedback to the product team, but to be honest, we are not sure when we can expect it.


Thank you for your reply, but how can you have a product or service that is NOT supported by the manufacturer? ALL other robotics companies any time they release a new product they immediately upgrade their software and lessons in order to accommodate the Kids learning experience and the teacher’s usage of the product.