Issues and Deformities Occurring When Engraving a Pie Plate with xTool


I have a file I’m attempting to engrave the bottom of a pie plate and the image keeps going all weird on me… I’m have had a perfect cut ONCE but it was on a test dish with other things etched on it. So I prepped the dish I just ran exactly like the test dish, used the same settings, computer, laser, and set up. I cleaned my laser head and got a completely different result. The craziest part to me is I’m only doing one pass so I have NO idea what is happening. I have tape on the inside of the pie plate to make SURE there is no refraction through the glass. Any advice on how to make this stop would be greatly appreciated.

Xtool D1 10w
Light burn 1.4.00
Settings being used:
Pass count: 1
Interval (mm): .035
Speed: 600
Power max (%): 90


@Lauracatherine This is abnormal! Please check out the xTool support page:

and contact makeblock or xTool via email about the issue: