Is Makeblock dead?


Hi jenschr,

On this point, I am totally in agreement.

I also hope that Makeblock will be able to listen to the community because there are some products that need to be improved such as the Codey Rocky IFTTT. I emphasize it because it is in the video and it has been removed temporarily. What’s more, some Neuron blocks (camera), does not seem to be available in mBlock 5. Despite everything I like the products even if it is expensive like all robotics product. So, I hope they continue to develop without creating too much different product in order to finish the current products: Neuron, Codey Rocky, mBot and AirBlock


I wholehearted agree with you @Crackel. I have a bad feeling that the more products they make, the worse the support for all of them will be. I would love to talk to Jasen or someone from Makeblock when I go to Shenzhen next week. I think they have really great products, but they fall short of the quality many of us expect. If they went the extra mile and did things right, the company could easily grow much larger (if they want that).



In my opinion, the Rocky Codey was nessaisaire and just fill a segment that had to be exploited with the arrival of the Neuron blocks. However, it’s time for Makeblock to develop the potential of their products. Products evolve so fast that the creation of educational material is not possible. I had 7 experiments and the Neuron app has been evolving a lot since the beginning so it has adjusted and I have no time. Conclusion: I’m going into too much detail. It’s my fault.

Today, we need to stimulate the community. Involve members. The biggest problem of the products is that they are great. The creativity and the demands of the members will always go faster of the development. Let’s be understanding.

If Makeblock wants to expand their products, you have to go one way. Make other kits like the inventor kit for Neurons or extensions for mBots. Do not create too much and you will only be better.


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