IR Sensor Array for Maze Solving Line Mazes


A maze solving sensor array for line-based mazes. The array would need to have a downward-facing IR sensor arrangement of:

            E        E     E        E
            R        R     R        R

                  E = Emitter
                  R = Receiver

so that the two outside sensors could detect intersections.

This should be relatively inexpensive to manufacture and modify mBlock to use (expansion on the current line follower sensor code). Ideally it would work with the mBot, Starter Robot, and Orion boards.


or you could place the emitter/receiver array on a servo tilt


That would work, but it would be at a fair amount of additional cost for the servo and the pan/tilt housing. I’m trying to approach the problem from the perspective of students / schools with limited budgets, so a single bolt-on array should be much less expensive. :smile:


The reason I suggested to do it with a servo rig is because a port on the mbot only has 2 programmable pins
example port 1: scl sda gnd 5v 11 12 your rig would use 2 ports because you need 4 inputs (ir receivers)
it would be possible to multiplex the lines for the receivers but that would make it complex


I am basing my request/thoughts on the Sparkfun 8 sensor array that only appears to use two pins (link). The schematics, EAGLE files, etc., are all available at Github under the CC 4.0 Share-alike license, so doing a six sensor array should be more of a derivative effort rather than a complete redesign. :smile:


I stand corrected the SX150[7-9] are indeed an interesting IO extenders and if the programmers solve the translation to scratch it would be a valuable add-on for the mBot family! thanks for the tip.