I can’t connect mbot to mblock5 in Windows 10S


I cannot connect mbot to mblock5 (version 5.1.0) in WIndows 10S.
I’ve tried USB and Bluetooth.
When I click connect still “Scanning for a COM port”.
Please, what can I DO


I have the same problem as Mike1. The mBot doesn´t connect with mBlock5, it´s always scanning without any result. I have deactivated the virus scanner.
The connection to the PC by Bluetooth is possible.

Thanks for help and greetings



Have you been able to connect in the past and now it suddenly doesn’t work or have you never been able to connect??

First to connect via USB you will need to have installed the ch340 driver for windows.

Once you have the driver installed you should hear windows make a noise when you plug the robot in letting you know windows has detected a new device. You should be able to then see it in windows device manger see here in makeblock wiki https://www.mblock.cc/doc/en/faq/ch340-driver.html