How to print on wood at home inexpensively


First, you need to have a wood engraving device. This can be either a CNC CO2 laser machine or a fiber laser marker. Depends on what size and depth of engraving you need. There are at least five methods of engraving on wood. I, for example, as a child, burned drawings on wood through a magnifying glass in the sun. Let’s go look at budget-friendly but longer processes or with an investment of money but less time-consuming.

There are five methods based on laser printing

The first one uses acetone. To get the image, the photo is placed on a wooden blank in a mirror image and secured with paper from the edges (you can use scotch tape). For application, a plastic card and an ordinary paper towel for the kitchen are used.

1. First method

The towel is dipped in acetone, and then they wet the photo until the effect is manifested. The ink will be transferred to the surface very quickly and it will remain just to remove the paper. The result may be somewhat distorted, but not bad. Fine prints will transfer the best quality.

The first method gives good quality, is carried out quickly and does not require large monetary costs, but acetone has an unpleasant odor.

2. The second method

The second method involves the use of an iron. Transfer of ink from toner to wood here occurs due to heating. The technology is extremely simple: the paper is applied, fixed and heated. It is important that in the process the image does not shift.

Since it is necessary to set a high temperature on the iron, someone may not want to use their household appliance, so as not to damage it. If the temperature and heating time are not enough, the result will leave much to be desired.

The second method is easy and inexpensive, but the image quality may not be clear. The main thing is not to get burned.

3. Third method

For the next method, you will need a water-based polyacrylic paint. The polyacrylic is applied to the workpiece with a brush in a very thin layer. Moreover, the less varnish will be used, the better. Applying the image, it is necessary to displace all air bubbles with fingers or a plastic card. To remove the paper after an hour, you will need a toothbrush and some water. After cleaning with the brush, the wood is wiped with a towel.

The result of the third method is very good. Both black and white color will be transferred in this way. Compared to the above options, this process takes time, but it is worth it.

The basis of the gel used in the fourth method is acrylic paint. The technology is similar to the previous one, and the differences are only in the consistency of the liquid and drying time (one and a half hours). Since this gel is more dense than varnish, it will be more difficult to remove the paper.

4. The fourth method

The fourth method does not differ from the third method in the result, but it can take a long time to clean so that there is no paper left on the surface of the wood, especially if you leave the workpiece to dry overnight.

5. The fifth method

The fifth option is a CNC laser machine. It allows you to easily engrave on wood, plastic, leather, even paper. It is surprisingly easy to install and operate. A wooden blank is placed in the machine, then sent to print after positioning the red dot. The layout of the product is loaded into the control program and the machine independently apply the pattern to the product.
The result of the fifth method will undoubtedly be of high quality. The layer will turn out to be very thin, since the application is done by burning. The laser is accurate and precise in fine details: even the smallest letters will be evenly caused. One minus - the high cost of equipment.

Evaluation of all the results of wood engraving

If you compare all five results, of course, it is most convenient to work with a smart machine, which will do everything for you with perfect accuracy, with minimal expenditure of your energy and time. However, CNC laser machines are a worthwhile thing, but believe me, it pays off.

If you still consider budget methods, the best will be the one that will turn out with the help of polyacrylic varnish. The second place will take gel, and the third place - acetone, the easiest and fastest method. After applying a protective varnish, the latter will be transformed, so it will move from the place of honor to the second place.