How to play with the LED RGB Strip


How to play with the LED RGB Strip? The video shows 6 amazing effects of the LED RGB Strip.

You can get the LED Strip here,

If you have any idea, pleas post your idea on the forum.:slight_smile:

The program of LED RGB (5.3 KB)


Looks great! Especially like that its sealed.

Could you tell me if I need to be using current limiting resistors with this?

I would like to connect it straight to my arduino without the breakout board.


I think as for the Arduino UNO, you would better have a LED driver board, it would help you control the LED.


Anyone made the same 6 nice examples as mBlock extensions?


Proud to say I have come a long way since my first LED strip. I never turned back. woohoo! Now Iā€™m working with big led modules, I love it!