How to control two additional Servo MG995?


i have Orion based Board and i built Tank with Robot arm that has 2 DC motor for movement and has 2 additional motor one for gripper and one for moving arm up and down. Now if i want to attach one of those 2 DOF pan and Tilt With MG995 Servos where i would like to attach small camera. So how would i connect these servos to the board? Based on schematic of the board i think i already used all slots that drive the motors. Is there a way i can get another motor driver and attach it to existing orion board or do i need to combine another Orion board?



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Hi Slav. I am still a beginner here, but at first glance, I would agree that you will need to attach another Orion board in order to add new motors. I assume you have already hooked up your two servo motors to the ME DUAL MOTOR DRIVER sub-board with the two RED hookups?

I actually have two Orion boards, and plan on hooking them up in serial once I get better at Aruduino programming. Presently I am still rewriting and messing with code samples, so that is a way off!



Turns out it is very easy to add lots of servos to an Arduino Uno board (which is what the Orion is); you just need to hook up a separate shield that can control multiple servos (and install the appropriate libraries). Here’s one on Amazon that can control several dozen servos: