Help to use mBot in chromebooks


Hi, i want to program the mCore board through a chrome extension, to allow people to program mBots in chromebooks, but im stuck with a problem when try to load programs with more than 20 lines of code. If the program its simple with just 2-3 fors and ifs, it works fine.

I use the STK500 v1 protocol to load the program, but with the chrome serial api, sometimes give me an error when loading an address, or programming a page, the board never respond to the command.

The same programs works fine with an Arduino UNO, or when i program it through a NodeJS program with the NodeJS serial api. Only give me this error on a chrome extension and with the mCore board.

Any help will be appreciate, of course all the code it’s Open Source.

You can test it here:

Login, and activate the “show under development board and robots” on profile account ( )

Then go to create a new project, select the robot mBot, and create and load some programs.