Have I got the belt measurements right?


To make my bigger plotter I need longer belts. Thanks to Jeff808 for directing me to the motionco site.

Now, as far as I can tell, I need this sort of timing belt:

Timing belt from motionco, MXL 6.35mm wide 2.03mm pitch

The plotter parts list here…

Plotter parts list

…does not specify the type of timing belt. So have I done my measurements correctly?

With just a ruler and some old eyes the belt pitch does seem to be 2mm and the width seems to me 7mm not 6.35 of the one in motionco. The makerblock pulley tooth width is 9mm so 6.35 should sit fine.(?)

I could buy a pulley from motionco too, but it seems to me that they don’t have a 4mm bore 18 toothed pulley in their list.

Summing up is motionco a good BMXL025OL a substitute for the Makerblock one?


Did you look at the Makeblock timing belts here? It apparently comes in 1, 2, 3, and 5 meter lengths and the specs are a 2mm pitch and 6.6mm width. :slight_smile:

There is an article here that discusses how to join the ends of the belt to form a loop.


Thanks for that. I’ll have to compare prices…


I’ve just got round to looking at the belts again, but the link you gavem which once worked is now broken…

Even MakeBlock’s main catalog does not seem to work:


Do you know of any alternative suppliers (in Europe maybe)?


Odd, it is still working for me. :-?


This link should open the section with belts.
Makeblock recently moved their store to store.makeblock.com and a lot of links got broken. :confused:


Actually click on any of the products on that page, for example, sprockets:


I get a 404 error message.


Aha! Thanks!


Hmm, @tec_support, are you aware that part of the e-commerce site is brighten?


Bleky is right. We have updated our company website and integrated the official shop website, the link for official website was moved to store.makeblock.com.
@Charles, what do you mean about part of the e-commerce site is brighten? Sorry that I may not understand it very well. You may express it again in another way?


Hi @tec_support, I meant broken but my spell checker apparently decided it needed to be brighten. :slight_smile:


Okay, yes, I know that. our engineers are on the process of checking and fixing it.