FPV Ranger


I finally finished my ranger. In addition to the IR control and autonomy modes I have added an S.BUS receiver to control the robot from an aircraft RC transmitter. It has a full 16 channels available. I have also added a 5.8 GHZ FPV camera on a 360 modified pan servo for live video feed. All functions other than the video link are controlled by the Arduino and nothing connects direct to the RC Receiver.

Im running the S.BUS into a hardware serial port on the Arduino so all controls are super smooth.

I have taken this setup over 400m away and still get control and clear video so much fun to be had.


Amazing! Could you post details of the build?


I love it!!!


It’s amazing please could you send me a picture of the programming.:scream_cat:


I am making a similar robot, totally clueless but trying anyways. I have an frsky as well and want to make my robot fly using 15 inch props and 300 kv motors and the naza v2 flight controller. Have all the parts just not quite sure how it all goes together. Please advise.


Very nice work!

1st lesson: learn how to ask :wink:
Just try to do simple things first, then connect them etc.
If you have a technical question - post it with code / data… What would you like to get? A step-by-step tutorial like presented for the ranger?

This is additionally a showroom topic btw…


Hi @Marcel, Wow!!! My son (9) really likes your build. He would like to get a lot of the stuff which you have on his Ranger. His first plan is to add FPV to it, but he is stuck and not sure where to start. I’m writing on his behalf as his English is not really great. Is there a way in which you could assist him with it? Kind regards, Andrew


The details are worrisome!