Foam plastic facade decor business


Styrofoam facade decor is one of the most sought-after and innovative industries in the construction industry. Because of its lightness, durability and unique design possibilities, foam plastic has become the material of choice for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional facade finishes.

Styrofoam facade décor can be made with a computer numerical control CNC machine. A CNC foam cutting machine provides precision and automation as you process the material. Here are a few steps that can be performed on a CNC foam cutting machine to create a foam facade decor:

1. Preparation of the model: create a 3D model of the facade decor you want to make. The model can be created with specialized 3D modeling software or downloaded from online resources.

2. Preparing the foam: use a sheet of styrofoam of the right thickness and size, corresponding to your model. Styrofoam is lightweight and easy to machine on a CNC machine.

3. machine setup: place the foam on the CNC Styrofoam cutting machine CPP-3222 or CPP-112 and clamp it so that it is stable during machining.

4. Programming the machine: load the 3D model into the machine software and adjust the processing parameters, such as depth and cutting speed, according to the requirements of the foam.

5. Foam machining: run the program on the CNC machine. The nichrome string will move along the set coordinates and cut out the shape of the facade decor. It is important to monitor the process and check the quality of machining.

6. Finishing and painting: once the foam has been machined, finishing and painting may be required to give it the desired appearance. Use the proper materials and methods for finishing and painting the foam.