Examples & docs?


Dear Makeblock,

I’ve recently joined the family and purchased quite a lot of elements in hope to build several projects that required strength and precision. The MB system looks like LEGO but with added advantage of serious application.

However, with all the available parts and quite a history of the company, I’m surprised to find very little build examples on the company website or the wider Internet. Apart from the official builds from various sets (Ranger, Ultimate), there’s virtually nothing showcasing the system which I find very very strange.

To me a ‘system’ means infinite possibilities to build dozens if not hundreds of devices and the obvious comparison is LEGO Technic system. But while LEGO has been around for decades, Makeblock needs to put some effort in showcasing their system. Unfortunately this effort seems to be very scarce, incomplete and disjointed.

Individual parts are at the heart of the Maker Platform, yet the documentation for most of them contains nothing more than just a name and basing drawing – for example http://docs.makeblock.com/diy-platform/en/mechanical-parts/plates/shaft-clamping-hub-8mm.html

I think each part should have full description of what it is, with 2D drawings and 3D models to download, multiple examples of how it can be used and mixed with other parts. Plus the information if the part is obsolete and no longer produced as I can see my local distributor has parts which are no longer listed on makeblock.com.

With the large amount of parts, I would expect to see a new interesting build at least once a week – robots, devices, tools etc. Why is this not happening?

Finally, what is “mbuild” and why I can’t find more information about it?

Thanks and looking forward to see more Makeblock Maker Platform stuff everywhere. Just give us mooooore!


Hi ALx,

Initially, I had the same impression as you.
But as we move forward with the products, we get back links to resources. I even had to make a directory to bring everything together.


The main problem is that the documentation is not in all languages and the product is constantly changing. Products like Lego are pretty fixed. While for Makeblock, it changes regularly. I had the objective to make a documentation in French but I noticed that there was a lot of product and that my documentation had evolved. https://neuron.kynox.com/

Conclusion: You can let us know the products you have acquired and we will find some products to do;)


mbuild is an electronic component that can be connected to halocode’s electronic modules extensions connector.
If you look at this site, you will see what this connector looks like.


Thank you for all your concern and suggestion, we’ll feedback to the right departments. Thank you!