DIYPowerful audio amplifier TDA200


You can watch the video first before reading this post.
For so long i wanted to make an audio amplifier to enjoy my music i used
the well know IC lm386 but it wasn’t e enough to power big speakers so i changed the IC to TDA2003 . im going to show you now how to make a nice and powerful amplifier.

Step 1: Tools and parts

For this project you will need the following parts:

10 uf cap

470 uf cap

220ohm resistor

2.2ohm resistor

39 nf

39ohm resistor

1000uf cap

2X 100nf


3 X connectors (see the photo)

TDA2003(you can buy it from

12v to 18 v adapter and make sure its 2A at least (prefer 3.5A)

for the tools you will need:

soldering iron


soldering wires

Step 2: Schematics

Here is the chematics in case you couldnt find the 39nf (its hard to find) then you can go with 33nf cap and 47 ohm resistor.

Step 3: Printed bored

you can ether use a printed bored or a normal throw hole PCB i will provide better quality in a link later

Step 4: Bending the TDA2003 pins

like you have seen in step3 the printed the holes will not match with the TDA2003 that’s why you need to carefully bend them a little so they can be in the photo and then solder some left over parts to them (led pings/resistors…) you need to extend the legs so they don’t broke (i broke my first tda2003)

Step 5: BE careful&&success!!

If your are going with the PCB type don’t rush things and always check again and again before powering so you don’t end it with this.!!!